Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can I afford a custom home by GL Green?  
A: GL Green & Associates can custom design and build a luxury home to fit your budget, strating in the low 200s.  
Q: Can I lease or lease-purchase a custom home by GL Green?  

A: Yes. We offer custom homes for lease, lease-purchase and purchase. Learn More

Q: Can GL Green build custom luxury homes anywhere in the area?  
A: Yes. GL Green can build custom homes in numerous communities including Picacho Hills, Sonoma Ranch, Mesilla Acres Estates, Las Estancias del Valle, Corrazon del Valle, Missions Espada, The Santuary, Mesilla,  Park Mosaic, Sonoma Ranch, Las Palmas, and many others. Contact GL Green & Associates to locate your ideal community and lot. | Question?  
Q: How much does it cost per square foot to build a custom GL Green Home?  
A: Generally speaking, we do not have a fixed price per square foot cost when it comes to building custom homes by GL Green. Because each GL Green home is custom designed and built, there are a number of factors that can come into play. Some of these factors are as follows:

Amenities: Since each home is a custom home, all of the amenities that go in to the home will usually vary in terms of personal preferences and selections. Examples of specific selections that can increase or decrease the price per square foot figure include selections of granite ($60/pf, $75/sf, etc), flooring (travertine, porcelain, or wood), window and door packages, appliances, and various special features (i.e. wood timber features, brick and iron accents, unique interior wall finish). | Question?

Lot improvement Costs: Potential lot improvement costs can also come into play and increase the overall cost per square foot of a home. Such costs may include dirt work expenses, rock wall expenses, and landscaping expenses. So, if you are building on a finished lot, your lot improvement expenses will be minimal. If the lot is relatively large and involves dirt work because of the topography or if it is located in the valley, then your lot improvement expenses could increase the overall costs to construct the home. | Question?

Construction Financing Costs: Included in our price per square foot figures also generally include the cost obtaining the construction loan and construction interest during construction.  Depending upon how the financing of the home is structured, there may be some additional costs associated with construction financing that would add to the overall price (ultimately price per square foot) of the home. If on the other hand you required no financing and used cash to construct the home, that would translate into a lower cost per square foot. | Question?

Transaction Costs: Any transaction costs, such as closing costs and Realtor commissions, are also included in the overall price of the home. So, if you chose to use a licensed real estate broker not on staff with GL Green, that would increase the cost of the home by an additional 2.5% and would therefore increase the cost per square foot figure. Again, these are a few of the primary factors that can have an effect on the price per square foot figure.  | Question?

Q: Regarding insullation, what are the R-Values used by GL Green when building?  
A: The R value or R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. The larger the number, the better the building insulation's effectiveness. Increasing the thickness of an insulating layer increases the R value. GL Green currently uses R-19 in the exterior walls and R-40 in the roofs of each custom home by GL Green. R-23 exterior walls and R-50 are also available upon request. | Question?  
Q: Can GL Green build energy efficient and ecologically responsible homes?  
A: GL Green & Associates is Energy Star Certified and looks to incorporate a wide range of energy efficient materials and technologies whenever possible. We offer a wide variety of energy efficient and ecologically responsible options to our clients and are fully committed to the idea and practice of building Green homes. | Question?  
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